Savings Estimator

Switching to an electronic cigarette from traditional cigarettes is not only less harmful to you, you can also make a massive saving. Use our Savings Estimator to see how much money you could save by making the switch.

How much do your pack of 20 cost? £

How many do you smoke per day?

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You could save around £ per year!

Estimate Details

You currently spend around £ on cigarettes per year

This equals around bottles of e-liquid per year, and replacement coils at a cost of approx £2.30 per coil.

The ecigarette would cost approximately £ to run over a 1 year period

This estimate is based on the following:

  • 2 starter kits per year (Aspire PockeX or Innokin T18ii Mini kits)
  • Coils
  • bottles of 10ml e-liquid ( bottle(s) per week at £4 per bottle)